The End

kristi71111 OwnerSupreme posted Oct 28, 18

It pains me to be the bearer of such news. However, after a group decision between me and my senior administration I believe that this is the best course of action. As such, BacoNetworks will be shutting down as a minecraft community on the 5th of November 2018. Everyone who donated one month before this date has the opportunity to contact me and ask for a refund. The reason for the closure is as followed: We have been running Minecraft servers since 2012 and when we started, most of us in the administrative team were students however, in the past couple of months both me, HDR and Michael have started working on personal projects and have gotten jobs. As such, due to the time constraint on myself and my senior administration we simply don't have time to work and properly maintain BacoNetworks as a server hosting community anymore. This discord server will remain and the website will remain up for the next two years. RIP BacoNetworks 2015 - 2018

Click on me for the invite = Discord Server

Keep on frying Bacon Brigade!

- Kristi

rohtvak VIP+ I'm very sorry to see the community go, but I had great times with you guys :-) I hope you reconsider, but in case ...