Kristi71111 Owner

Kristi is the owner and founder of BacoNetworks.

He has more then 3 years of experience as an admin, many more as being a staff member on several servers.

He is currently still in school studying for computer technician.

He's Nice, But not that nice.


InsaneProperties Senior Admin

Insane has been with BacoNetworks since the beginning.

He has almost 2 years of experience as an admin.

He is currently still studying programming, he prefers to code in Java, PHP and C#.


The_HDR Senior Admin

HDR has been with the server for a while. He spends most of his time playing Minecraft.

He enjoys messing around with ComputerCraft and loves waffles.


Kozakfo583 Admin

Dino is an admin and O.G of BacoNetworks. Was there with Krist when he started this great community.

He has around 2 years of experience as an admin. He also is the person you call when looking for those pesky dupes.

He is currently about to start college this year.


NightFang1986 Admin

He whips and splashes.


Repride Admin

Repride is a long time Minecraft player. Owning the game since even ’09.

He made his way to BacoNetworks during Summer ‘15. He’s been staff of various ranks on several servers over the years and loves helping others.

In addition, he enjoys gaming and is very willing to learn new things. He is currently in school studying computer engineering in Canada.


thombgun Admin

Thomb is a fanatic player of the evolved pack so you will usually find him poking around looking for new challenges and exploring new ideas there.

As he comes from the binary world thomb will find a solution to automate anything he wants to automate. Feel free to ask him anything about automation from automated livingwood to full dragon grinders.

Thomb loves his FPS and a lag free server so build well and you wont risk a draconic reactor "visiting" your base.


M1necr4ft_Style Admin

Styles is an Admin at BacoNetworks. You are able to find him on both our servers. He currently has one of the highest online play times in the game.

He has a lot of experience with modded minecraft and is knowledgeable in the majority of mods.


SpecialSpartan Mod

Spartan has been with us from day one. He was helping with building spawn even before the server was officially opened .

He is your ingame wikipedia for modded minecraft and loves to help you with any problem.

Spartan is a full time university student who plays minecraft during his free time.


Claark Mod

Claark has been with us for a while.

When he's not answering your tickets ingame, he's a professional chef and is a great football fan.

Besides cooking and playing minecraft he also enjoys making beer and bomb ass flatbreads!


Traizor99 Mod

Traiz is an old school staff whose seen it all.

He's been with Baco since the beginning, and is known to have almost no patience for idiots. Watch what you say and do around him if you know what's good for ya.


Evade Mod

Evade has been fleeing from the police for the last 7 years. When he isn’t attempting to escape the country, he is playing FTB. No one really knows where Evade is at any given time and seems to disappear for a few weeks at random.

He is looking to acquire a degree in Computer Engineering, but also enjoys fields in Cybersecurity. Although it seems as if he has no life because he is always online…..


Overlord2514 Mod


MaineYankee Helper


SceneTheWolf Helper


Yuiop Helper


Tines552 Helper


Xsdiamonds Helper


Snoozeville Helper


Stonebuster123 Helper


login1366 Helper


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