Server and Forum Rules

General Server Rules:

  • No bypassing Towny claims
  • No PvPing
  • Keep your language appropriate (Racism and Sexual references)
  • Don't exploit bugs! (Report them and get rewarded)
  • Don't use caps and don't spam!
  • Respect other players (Language)
  • If any base is considered to cause lag we have the right to either delete or modify it.
  • No bypassing afk timer.
  • Use /rules ingame for the most up to date list.

Forum Rules:

  • Think before you post
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Don't reply on old topics, start a new one for the same issue.
  • Don't flame or provoke other players
  • Post your topic in the appropriate section
  • Keep spam in the general discussion section
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How to Connect to Our Server

To play on FTB Infinity, you have to download the FTB-Launcher from the FTB website

Once you have installed the FTB Launcher, you can download FTB Infinity and select the version listed on the front page.

or FTB Beyond and select the version listed on the front page.

or Direwolf20 and select the version listed on the front page.

or FTB Continuum and select the version listed on the front page.

Once it's finished downloading, launch the game and connect to our server using the ip: to get on the normal mode server

To connect to our Direwolf20 server, use the ip

To connect to our FTB Beyond server, use the ip

To connect to our FTB Continuum server, use the ip

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Protection Plugins

On our server, we use two protection plugins. To be completely safe, you have to use both Towny and LWC.

You can find more information about both plugins below.

Make sure you use both the plugins! That's the only way people can't steal from you. If you don't trust somebody, don't invite him into your town.


Towny is a plugin to protect your area, but also to play with friends. It enables you to give different people in your town a different rank with different permissions. For a detailed list on all commands and permissions for towny you can go to this website: Towny commands (full list)

Making a town costs $200 and you have to pay upkeep every day to keep your town up. You can see how much your upkeep is by writing "/t". The upkeep you have to pay is $50 per chunk every 24 hours. This amount will be taken automatically every day by the server, so make sure you have enough money inside your town to pay your upkeep.

Command Result
/t new (townname) Will make a town in the chunk you are standing with the name you specified.
/t claim Claims a chunk for your town. It has to be next to another chunk from your town.
/t claim outpost Claims a chunk for your town, but it doesn't have to be next to another chunks of yours. (Can be in other dimensions)
/t unclaim Unclaims a chunk for your town.
/t deposit (amount) Deposits an amount of money into your town. This money is used to claim chunks and to pay the upkeep.
/t withdraw (amount) Withdraws an amount of money from your town.
/t add (playername) Invites a new player to your town.
/t kick (playername) Kicks a player from your town.
/towny time Shows in how many hours the upkeep will be taken from your town.
/res friend add/remove (playername) Adds/removes a player to/from your personal plots. This player can be from another town.
/t rank add/remove (playername) (rankname) Adds/removes a rank from a player in your town. Ranks are: assistant, vip, comayor
/t delete Deletes your town. Make sure you take all the money out before you delete your town!
/t set homeblock
/t set spawn
These two commands in this order will set a new spawn place for your town.


LWC is a plugin that allows you to lock items that have an inventory. Items that can be locked will be locked automatically the moment you place them.

Even if you have a town, keep items locked! It's not safe to only protect it with one plugin.

Command Result
/lock Lock a block.
/unlock Unlocks a block owned by you.
/cmodify (playername) (playername2) Adds a player to your lock. He will be able to use the block, but not break it. To add multiple people, separate their names by spaces.
/cmodify -(playername) Write the "-" attached to the playername, this will remove the player from the protected block.
/cpersist It will keep using the same LWC command until you write the /cpersist again to turn it off. Use this command to add friends to multiple blocks with ease.
/lwc flag hopper on This allows a locked hopper to drop items in a container. Make sure you also use the command on the container.
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Website Points

You may have noticed the points on your profile. You can spend these points to rank up faster ingame and to receive several awesome items in the store. Ranking up faster will allow you to get daily kits faster!

There are several ways to get website points:

  • Welcoming a player (5 points)
  • Winning the lottery (5 points per ticket bought)
  • Voting (25 points per vote)
  • Creating Forum Posts (10 points)
  • Forum Up-Votes (10 points)
  • Adding days to the website (400 per 3 days you add)

You can also lose points. If you don't visit the website for a week, you will lose 70 points.

The module to add days to our website can be found on our home page. You may pay for days or complete a task for free in order to donate days.

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Link Your Character

You may have noticed that some players in-game have different ranks. These ranks come with several different daily kits. To receive your first rank, you have to join the website and link your character. Just follow these few steps below in order to link your character

  1. Go to your profile on enjin.
  2. Click on "Characters" on the left side of your screen.
  3. Click "Add Character" in the top right side of your screen.
  4. Select Minecraft (PC).
  5. Log with your vanilla client on the server "" by using Direct Connect.
  6. When you log on the server using vanilla, you will be kicked and you'll see a code on your screen.
  7. Enter the code you get in the box on your profile.
  8. Click "Save Character".

You have now added your character to your profile, well done!

Receiving your rank ingame may take a few minutes. If it isn't added within a few minutes, contact staff ingame.

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Banned Items

This is a list of the items/mods that are banned on the server.

  • Write banned in nei ingame to see the banned items on that server
  • Disabled mods can be found here

This is up to date.

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Help, I Crash!

If you don't know what to do when your game crashes, here are a few tips on how to fix a crash or how to give us the correct information to help you as soon as possible!

    Out of Memory

    This probably happened, because you didn't locate enough ram to your launcher. Below are some steps you can take to fix this.

    1. Open your FTB Launcher
    2. Click on the tab "Options".
    3. In the middle, you will see a sliding bar. This bar controls the amount of RAM you locate to your launcher.
    4. Set your RAM to a decent value (See the table below with the suggested amounts of RAM you can put).
    5. Restart your launcher and start FTB Infinity
    Information FTB Launcher
    Your amount of RAM Allocated amount of RAM
    2GB 1.5GB
    4GB 3.5GB
    8GB or more 5GB

    Keep in mind that these are suggested value's. Infinity is a rather heavy pack, so I don't recommend playing with only 1.5GB. If you have more than 8GB of ram, don't locate more than 5GB ram to your launcher. Locating too much ram may cause problems to your game and doesn't really improve your gameplay.

    Modpack not Updating/Downloading

    Most of the time it is an anti-virus program blocking the download.

    An easy fix would be to temporarily disable your anti-virus program.

    Failed to Download

    Could be caused by your anti-virus program or if your internet connection had an interruption.

    Temporarily disable your anti-virus program and redownload the pack.

    IndexOutOfBoundsException Error:

    This is usually related to a config file being corrupt.

    Delete your Minecraft modpack and redownload the pack.

    Modpack Won't Launch at All

    This could have multiple reasons;

    • Location for your modpack -- Make sure your modpack is not located in the map "Downloads".
    • Installed a wrong mod -- If you recently added a mod to your modpack (Like Optifine), remove it from your pack and try again.

    Client Crashes When You Enter the Server

    Two possibilities: either it's your inventory or it's a chunk near you.

    If you recently put a lot of items in a bag, bags inside bags, or ME Storage Drives inside a bag, contact an admin by clicking here.

    Make a topic saying you've put a lot of items inside a bag. This will help us to solve the issue as soon as possible. An admin will reply on the topic saying when you will be able to log in again.

    Note: Depending on the amount of items.. this may take a while.

    If you are certain that you didn't put any items in bags, we'll need a crash-report to solve your issue. Follow these next steps:

    1. Open your FTB Launcher.
    2. Select FTB Infinity
    3. Click "Edit Mod Pack"
    4. Click "Open Folder". This will open your "Mods" folder.
    5. Go to the previous map named "Minecraft"
    6. In this map you will find a map named "crash-reports. Open this folder and open the lastest file you see in there.
    7. Copy the text and paste it on pastebin. When you have pasted the text in there, press "Submit"
    8. Post a topic HERE saying that you crash when you enter the game and provide us with the link to your pastebin.

    If you follow these steps, we should be able to help you out.

    Anything Else?

    Make a forum post HERE. Give us as much information as possible.

    If possible add a crash-report, see how to find your crash-report above.

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