Dw20 Released!

The_HDR Senior AdminSupreme posted Mar 18, 18

Direwolf 20 released!

Direwolf 20 is now released, you can find the ip below.

FTB Infinity is on version 3.0.2

FTB Beyond is on version 1.11.0

FTB Horizons is on version 1.7.0

FTB Direwolf 20 is on version 1.9.0

Inf.BacoNetworks.com = Infinity Evolved Normal Mode

Beyond.BacoNetworks.com = FTB Beyond

Horizons.BacoNetworks.com = FTB Horizons 3

DW20.BacoNetworks.comFTB Direwolf 20

Play.BacoNetworks.com = BungeeCord IP

Hub.BacoNetworks.com = The Hub Server

Click on me for the invite = Discord Server

Keep on frying Bacon Brigade!