FTB Infinity Evolved Reset

The_HDR Senior AdminSupreme posted Feb 2, 18

Infinity Evolved Reset!

Infinity Evolved has now had a map reset, this means the map is clean once again!

FTB Infinity is on version 3.0.2

FTB Beyond is on version 1.11.0

FTB Horizons is on version 1.6.0

Inf.BacoNetworks.com = Infinity Evolved Normal Mode

Beyond.BacoNetworks.com = FTB Beyond

Horizons.BacoNetworks.com = FTB Horizons 3

Play.BacoNetworks.com = BungeeCord IP

Hub.BacoNetworks.com = The Hub Server

Click on me for the invite = Discord Server

Keep on frying Bacon Brigade!